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Creating opportunities for aspiring youth

Championing Redlands Coast (CRC) and the Redlands Regional Jobs Committee recently teamed up for the inaugural CRC Futures Forum to discuss the social and economic prosperity of Redlands Coast.

Close to 100 attendees from industry, government, social enterprise, schools and training institutions gathered to hear from various panellists.

A Youth Panel representing the future of Redlands Coast was made up of students from nearby Victoria Point State High School, Sheldon College and The Sycamore School, and young entrepreneur Amy Damant of Celebrate Learning.

The panel highlighted the importance of creating connections between industry and youth as early as possible while also covering key takeaways from a recent Youth Careers Aspirations Survey.

Here are a few key snapshots from the survey;

  • More than half of respondents intend to keep living in the Redlands for the next 5-10 years if they can find a career with a suitable income
  • The top 3 sectors of preferred employment are Health Care, Education & Training, and Creative & Performing Arts
  • 91% of respondents are driven first and foremost by passion and interests in their career paths, rather than by income prospects and career stability
  • The top 2 barriers preventing respondents from achieving their career goals are the lack of work experience opportunities and the lack of jobs in the Redlands

The survey also highlighted opportunities that youth would like to see in the Redlands – more sustainability and environmentally conscious jobs, more work experience and more training opportunities.

Redlands Coast Youth Future Panellists, Tyson Ewington and Emily Hartwig of Victoria Point State High School, Madelize Breet of Sheldon College, David Weir of The Sycamore School and Amy Damant of Celebrate Learning.

A solution in Toondah Harbour

It is clear the Redlands Coast is at risk of losing its younger residents unless new life, energy and infrastructure is created over the next 10 years.

With local youth so passionate about career prospects in the Redlands, projects such as Toondah Harbour are of paramount importance.

The new Toondah Harbour precinct will bring much-needed economic benefits to the Redlands Coast, including the creation of local employment opportunities and ongoing tourism.

The construction of Toondah Harbour will create significant employment opportunities for Redlands locals. More than 1,000 full-time equivalent jobs will be supported each year during the building phase. Once completed, there will be an estimated 500 ongoing jobs in retail, commercial and tourism-related activities.

With a world-class ferry precinct, marina and recreational boating facilities, tourism and entertainment experiences and more, local youth will also have access to training and skills development opportunities beyond anything else in the region.

Click here to show your support for the new Toondah Harbour and help secure the social and economic prosperity of Redlands Coast.

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Talk Toondah Sessions

In mid-2020, a series of ‘Talk Toondah’ sessions were held to provide an opportunity for community members to ask questions of the consultants undertaking the technical assessments for the environmental impact statement (EIS), which is currently being prepared for the Toondah Harbour project.

If you missed out on attending the Talk Toondah sessions, complete the form below to register your interest in any upcoming events, information sessions and more.

There are a number of videos that were recorded as part of the first series of Talk Toondah sessions, these are available to view on our Talk Toondah page.

Register your interest to recieve the latest Toondah Harbour news and updates.

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