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The Redlands Coast is at risk of losing its younger residents and its identity unless new life, energy and infrastructure is created over the next 10 years.

A report by The Business of Cities, an organisation based at University College in London, found that despite a long cycle of nationwide population growth, the Redlands was growing a lot slower than the rest of South East Queensland (SEQ).

The percentage of people aged 60 and over is growing at around double the SEQ average, however, young people in the Redlands aged 25-34 account for only 10.7% of the population compared with 14.3% in SEQ.

To ensure the evolution of the Redlands and its ability to retain younger residents within the community, it needs to meet the needs of this demographic and work on becoming an attractive destination with enticing lifestyle opportunities.

“These demographics demand new pathways to alter the Redland City’s productivity and innovation dynamics,” the report stated.

“Productivity improvements are important as over the next 10-15 years SEQ is set to become more integrated, achieve a higher level of cross-regional mobility, a higher level of business productivity and more specialisation in global traded activities.

“The Redlands is well placed to retain its high liveability status as long as the next cycle of development allows it to evolve as the region evolves. Otherwise, the Redlands risks falling behind other regional locations in terms of achieving amenity, proximity and efficiency to appeal across the age range and business range.”

Toondah Harbour provides a great opportunity to support connectedness, interaction and creativity – a place that welcomes and supports the lifestyle requirements of young residents and families.

Enhancing lifestyle and economic opportunities for locals in the region is a key focus of the project.

Toondah Harbour is forecast to create 1,000 jobs annually over its expected 15-20 construction life, but its key economic value may be in its ability to transform the economy and productivity of the Redlands and become a world-class liveable destination.

“Toondah Harbour is not only an opportunity to provide access to a mixed-use, amenity rich and lifestyle-led environment that is not easily accessible in the Redlands or outside inner Brisbane,” the report said.

“It also enables communities directly with areas of new open space, new walking and cycling trails, dining and shopping spaces, without disrupting enjoyment of existing parkland and natural assets.”

The new Toondah Harbour will feature a world-class ferry terminal and marina, swimming lagoon, conservation areas, waterfront retail and commercial space, as well as mixed use housing and public parks.

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Talk Toondah Sessions

In mid-2020, a series of ‘Talk Toondah’ sessions were held to provide an opportunity for community members to ask questions of the consultants undertaking the technical assessments for the environmental impact statement (EIS), which is currently being prepared for the Toondah Harbour project.

If you missed out on attending the Talk Toondah sessions, complete the form below to register your interest in any upcoming events, information sessions and more.

There are a number of videos that were recorded as part of the first series of Talk Toondah sessions, these are available to view on our Talk Toondah page.

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