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A unique opportunity for the Redlands to compete on an international level

Brisbane is an important capital and catalyst for the growth of SEQ but its ability to operate as a global gateway depends on the quality and diversity of its neighbouring regions, like the Redlands Coast.

Research by The Business of Cities, based at University College London, found the revitalisation of Toondah Harbour presented an exceedingly unique opportunity to create a post-COVID surge in international appeal for the region.

“Some of the activities in which SEQ wants to compete require a different kind of urban fabric, especially in the suburbs and regional centres. A high-amenity, medium-density fabric that can host the tourism and the jobs and the talent of the future, and expand the ‘high experience’ dimension of the visitor economy,” the research said.

“Such adjustments require not only infrastructure investment but also a committed private sector and a collective willingness to experiment. Investing in citizens and the urban fabric is the way to ensure that all communities and locations can participate in the growth and spread of prosperity.

“This requires making the most of a rare opportunity such as Toondah Harbour, given its potential in terms of jobs, investment, footfall, amenity, community benefit, talent attraction and reputational advantage.”

The latest data on Brisbane, Greater Brisbane and SEQ reinforces the need for renewed investment and destination development, improving our national competitiveness by unlocking locations such as Toondah Harbour that enhance liveability, amenity, and appeal.

“Toondah Harbour’s size and its ambitions in terms of visitation, quality and destination development mean that, with the right delivery and profile, it can help the wider region to improve by multiple places in these global indices,” the research said.

“SEQ can re-establish its global identity and establish distinctive points of global leadership and distinctiveness, in Brisbane and beyond. At the same time, the region can also empower and enable its many great communities, and enhance the access of its communities to opportunities and amenity.”

The timing is right to be ambitious in SEQ’s destination development and put the Redlands Coast on a global radar as a highly liveable region.

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Talk Toondah Sessions

In mid-2020, a series of ‘Talk Toondah’ sessions were held to provide an opportunity for community members to ask questions of the consultants undertaking the technical assessments for the environmental impact statement (EIS), which is currently being prepared for the Toondah Harbour project.

If you missed out on attending the Talk Toondah sessions, complete the form below to register your interest in any upcoming events, information sessions and more.

There are a number of videos that were recorded as part of the first series of Talk Toondah sessions, these are available to view on our Talk Toondah page.

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