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Latest news from Toondah Harbour’s project team

Sun and sand at Toondah Harbour!

Redland Coast’s first ever beach park is coming to the shores of the new Toondah Harbour! Summer holidays in the Redlands never looked so good.

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Meet urban designer Craig Addley, the creative mind behind the vision for Toondah Harbour

Growing up in the Redlands, Toondah Harbour urban designer Craig Addley has a strong connection and love for the bayside but a lack of jobs, amenities and infrastructure sent him packing for the city as a young adult.

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Creating opportunities for aspiring youth

Local youth want to stay living in the Redlands for the next 5-10 years but say the lack of work experience opportunities and local jobs prevents them from achieving their career goals.

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Get to know Walker Corporation the project team behind Toondah Harbour

From vision to reality, the property group working with Redland City Council and the Queensland Government on the revitalisation of Toondah Harbour has a strong track record and reputation for understanding the needs and aspirations of the people who will live in, work at, and visit their projects.

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Community asks Walker to fix rusty Redlands

The Redlands community is showing overwhelming support for the redevelopment of Toondah Harbour, telling Walker Corporation to fast track its rejuvenation.

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Creating a smarter more innovative city for generations to come

The Redlands Coast is at risk of losing its younger residents and its identity unless new life, energy and infrastructure is created over the next 10 years.

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A unique opportunity for the Redlands to compete on an international level

South East Queensland can compete at a new international level as a productive and globally in-demand region, though vital infrastructure and amenities are required to support a crucial post-COVID surge.

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Olympics 2032 to put the Redlands on world stage

The revitalisation of Toondah Harbour would be perfectly timed for the 2032 Olympics Games, injecting new life, energy and investment into the Redlands Coast as well as showcasing our world-class infrastructure.

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Redlands community support for the new Toondah Harbour

A majority of Redlands Coast residents support the Toondah Harbour project, according to a survey of more than 420 people living in the federal electorate of Bowman.

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Much-needed port upgrade for the Redlands Coast

A world-class ferry terminal upgrade at the new Toondah Harbour will strengthen and enhance connections between Cleveland and Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) and, potentially, other southern Moreton Bay islands.

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Toondah Harbour a game-changer for the Redlands Coast tourism industry

The revitalisation of Toondah Harbour will be the catalyst for a tourism boom that will put the Redlands Coast on the map as one of Australia’s top destinations for tourists.

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Toondah Harbour to put Redlands on the world stage

The revitalisation of Toondah Harbour has the potential to be a game-changer for south-east Queensland’s economy – a “generational opportunity” to bring a new era of jobs and productivity growth.

Research by The Business of Cities, based at University College London, found the $2.3 billion project could put the Redlands region on the map as one of the world’s most unique harbourside developments.

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New family fun zone for the Redlands Coast

Weekends and school holidays in the Redlands will never be the same again under plans to create a new family fun zone at Toondah Harbour, including a South Bank-style lagoon pool and water play area.

Local families will no longer have to leave the region in search of entertainment when they have a world-class recreational hub on their doorstep in Cleveland.

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Toondah Harbour featured in prominent parenting publication

News is getting out there on the exciting new Toondah Harbour proposal for a family fun precinct, featuring a South Bank-style lagoon pool and water play area.

The renowned parenting publication, Kids in the City, has featured the story on its website, highlighting the many opportunities families will have to enjoy this slice of paradise in the Redlands Coast.

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Toondah Harbour set to become a fishing paradise

Recreational fishermen will have prime, waterfront access to cast a line under plans to make the new Toondah Harbour a fishing hot spot for the Redlands Coast.

As the southern gateway to Moreton Bay, Redlands Coast is one of the most sought after fishing locations in Queensland.

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Draft EIS for Toondah Harbour nearing completion

Walker Corporation is currently finalising one of the most comprehensive Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) ever undertaken in South East Queensland to put beyond doubt that Toondah Harbour will be a benchmark for sustainable economic development.

The EIS addresses all potential social, economic and environmental impacts of the project during its construction and operational phases.

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Proud to be supporting local talent this Christmas

Toondah Harbour is thrilled to be a sponsor of the 2020 Redlands Coast Christmas on the Coast event, a fun-filled five day festive community celebration.

Hosted by the Redland City Council, the local community will come together for this special event, held at Raby Bay Harbour Park, starting on Wednesday 16 December.

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Championing a bright future for Redlands Coast

We are excited to announce our partnership with the Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce newest initiative – Championing Redlands Coast!

An exciting collaborative initiative between industry, government and the community, Championing Redlands Coast promotes the region as a strong choice for new projects.

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Toondah Harbour is an exciting new, modern coastal village that is set to transform the Redlands.

Along with a vibrant harbourside precinct, Toondah Harbour will also create stunning new foreshore parklands with a lagoon and water play area, walking, cycling and heritage trails, contemporary waterfront homes and marina coves.

Much-needed upgrades to the current ferry facilities will allow for easier access to Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) and, potentially, the southern Moreton Bay islands.

A range of new recreational boating facilities including marina berths will also bring additional tourism and economic benefits to the Redlands Coast community.